Laura Trivia: Quiz Three

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1. At the 13th Annual Tokyo Music Festival, Laura won the Grand Prize for her performance of:
A) Self Control
B) The Lucky One
C) How Am I Supposed To Live Without You
D) Solitaire

2. Laura's television debut of "Gloria" was on:
A) The Merv Griffin Show
B) The Late Show with Johnny Carson
C) American Bandstand
D) Solid Gold

3. When Laura was in high school, she performed the lead role in:
A) Bye Bye Birdie
B) Hair
C) Pajama Game
D) West Side Story

4. The last song to be played on the final episode of ABC Network's "American Bandstand" show, was Laura's:
A) The Power Of Love
B) Shattered Glass
C) Forever Young
D) Cry Wolf

5. In Laura's 1982 "Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade" appearance, she rode on a float in the shape of what animal?
A) Butterfly
B) Lion
C) Polar Bear
D) Horse

6. What name was written on the back door of the ambulance in the "Spanish Eddie" music video?
A) "Goodlin"
B) "Goodhouse"
C) "Goodley"
D) "Goodhew"

7. In one of Laura's "Solid Gold" TV appearances, she sang a duet with Rex Smith of what song from the rock band Journey?
A) Lights
B) Separate Ways
C) Who's Crying Now
D) Open Arms

8. In "Mugsy's Girls", what was the name of the hotel where the mud wrestling championship took place?
A) The Plaza
B) Golden Nugget
C) Maxim
D) Flamingo

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