Legal Disclaimers

Disclaimer: ""

Other Half Entertainment, The Laura Branigan Management And Production Company, wishes to inform visitors to Laura Branigan’s official website,, about the truth regarding the website found at

The owner of the domain, Jason Fiore aka "OneStor", deceitfully labeled the website as "the official website", therefore claiming it to be Laura Branigan’s official website.

The fact is that is not and has never been Ms. Branigan’s official website.  Ms. Branigan at no time authorized nor endorsed the website found at  Furthermore, Mr. Fiore and/or OneStor have never, at any time, been authorized or legally permitted to sell any works of Ms. Branigan, whether copyrighted by Atlantic Recording Corporation, or any of its assignees.  Read the official cease and desist legal notice by clicking here.

The owner of also owns and operates a discussion board linked to, hosted by Yuku (formerly, and this discussion board has a demonstrated, consistent history of libelous content against Ms. Branigan, her personal friends, business associates, and legitimate fans.  Ms. Branigan was never associated with or had any connection to the Yuku/ discussion board, nor indeed any discussion board operated at any time in the past by Mr. Jason Fiore, OneStor, and/or linked to  Ms. Branigan directly requested her legitimate fan base to not utilize any discussion board offerings by those she had no connection with, and encouraged the use of the official discussion forum linked to her official website,  

Ms. Branigan personally endorsed and authorized her sole official website as  Legal action which Ms. Branigan initiated against the owner of prior to her death continues through Other Half Entertainment.

Disclaimer: Dance Street Records

Other Half Entertainment, The Laura Branigan Management And Production Company, wishes to make clear that all Dance Street Records (Germany) recordings with Ms. Branigan’s name on them that were produced after her death in August 2004, including the “Remember Me” CD, are not a part of her official discography. These CDs contain versions of Ms. Branigan’s final recordings which were never authorized or licensed by Ms. Branigan for release to the public. Dance Street has even gone so far as to include a track on one of these CDs called “Reborn” that is not even Ms. Branigan’s vocals, yet the vocals are falsely credited to her, as well as production for the track.


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