Media Player

The Media Player is a Macromedia Flash-enabled player that opens in its own resizable pop-up window, which enables you to listen to the current playlist while still doing other things on your computer.

Current Playlist as of:  February 2010

  1. Moonlight On Water (from Laura Branigan)
  2. Sharpshooter (from "Body Rock" soundtrack)
  3. Coca-Cola Radio Spot (Archives)
  4. Find Me (from Branigan 2)
  5. Helpless (from "Backstage")
  6. Sanctuary (from Hold Me)
  7. Dr. Pepper Radio Spot (Archives)
  8. Lovin' You Baby (from Branigan)
  9. Ti Amo (from Self Control)
  10. Heart Of Me - Centory Remix (from The Best of Cerrone: Remixes)
  11. The Power Of Love (from Touch)
  12. It's Been Hard Enough Getting Over You (from Over My Heart)

The music selection will be rotated periodically.

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