Laura Trivia: Quiz Two

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1. On Laura's first "Tonight Show" appearance, she performed "Self Control" and:
A) Solitaire
B) Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow
C) Gloria
D) How Am I Supposed To Live Without You

2. What brand of gasoline appears in the gas station Laura works at in "The Lucky One" video?
A) Texaco
B) Exxon
C) Mobil
D) Gulf

3. Laura did promotional spots for Coca-Cola and what other soft drink?
A) Dr. Pepper
B) Mountain Dew
C) Sprite
D) Dad's Root Beer

4. On a Christmas "Solid Gold" special, Laura performed "It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas" and:
A) White Christmas
B) Silent Night
C) Jingle Bells
D) Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town

5. On the "Monsters" TV episode that Laura starred in, the first radio station she visited was in what city?
A) Amarillo
B) Philadelphia
C) Chicago
D) Buffalo

6. What street sign lights up and flashes in the "Self Control" video?
A) "One Way"
B) "Yield"
C) "Stop"
D) "No U Turn"

7. In "Backstage", what is the name of the second play Laura's character starred in?
A) The Cherry Orchard
B) The Green Year Passes
C) The Seagull
D) Godspell

8. In "Mugsy's Girls", what's on the sweatshirt Laura wears in the bus going to Las Vegas?
A) "Uno"
B) "Buffalo Bills"
C) "Delta Pi"
D) "USC"

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