Laura Trivia: Quiz One

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1. When Laura appeared on Saturday Night Live in 1982, she sang "Gloria" and:
A) All Night With Me
B) Living A Lie
C) Down Like A Rock
D) If You Loved Me

2. What was the name of Laura's band in the CHiPs "Foxtrap" episode?
A) Sweet Cakes
B) Precious Cargo
C) LA Chix
D) Cadillac Foxes

3. Bruce Roberts wrote "The Lucky One" and co-wrote:
A) The Meaning Of The Word
B) Spirit Of Love
C) Unison
D) Let Me In

4. What character did Laura play in the movie "Mugsy's Girls"?
A) Monica
B) Mugsy
C) Karen
D) Sharon

5. What Chrysler model can be seen in the "Spanish Eddie" video?
A) LeBaron
B) Fifth Avenue
C) New Yorker
D) Laser

6. The movie "Backstage" was filmed primarily in:
A) England
B) Australia
C) United States
D) France

7. What song of Laura's is found on a soundtrack and also performed by her on an "Automan" episode?
A) Imagination
B) Satisfaction
C) Hot Night
D) Sharpshooter

8. Umberto Tozzi, who co-wrote "Gloria", also co-wrote:
A) Mama
B) Ti Amo
C) Solitaire
D) Lovin' You Baby

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