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LB's Boutique

Price:   $ 25.95

IMPORTANT NOTE: This product contains a DVD which is authored in a format (PAL) which may or may not be compatible with your video playback device(s). Please note that while most current computer DVD drives and associated software will playback this format, and will copy DVDs into the video format which is standard in your country, standalone DVD players sold in North America and other areas using the NTSC video format standard may or may not play the PAL format without modification. Please verify that your computer DVD drive or standalone DVD player can play this format prior to purchase, or that you are able to utilize one of the workarounds below.

To enjoy the higher quality of the PAL video format, you may wish to obtain a multi-format DVD player (which are able to play both NTSC and PAL formatted DVDs), or you may opt to utilize your right (under US and International law) to create a personal-use archive copy of the purchased DVD by using your computer's DVD drive and software to burn a personal-archive copy of the original DVD, which will render the copy in the format your country's standalone DVD player can easily play (though depending the quality of your television and associated video equipment, the quality may or may not be the same standard as the original PAL format). DVDs purchased are not returnable or exchangeable due to incompatibility issues.

Please review LB's Boutique's Store Policies & Terms/Privacy Policy under Returns & Exchanges for more information.

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