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Turning Stone Casino Resort (Verona, NY): September 20, 2003

To me she is the best. She signed my 1983 album; I was the first in line. She is a great lady. Thank you so much Laura.

Danny DeMore
Bernhards Bay, New York

It was a unique pleasure to attend Laura's concert at the Turning Stone Casino Resort on September 20. I have not had the opportunity to see her live for some time, so this was a treat!

Laura looked very elegant in her long black jacket & black slacks, white blouse and of course her glasses (Laura, you look GREAT in those glasses -- very classy & cool!). Her set list included all her hits like "Spanish Eddie", "The Lucky One", "Ti Amo", "Solitaire", "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow", "How Am I Supposed To Live Without You", "Self Control", and of course "Gloria". I especially enjoyed her stunningly emotional live rendition of her up and coming release "I Know You By Heart." When she sang through this song, it was evident that she was thinking of a "very special" person in her life, and that the memories evoked by singing the song even broke her at one point close to the end; but the audience was so touched by that display of reality and emotion in her. To me, that's one thing that makes Laura rise so high above all other singers in her class; that she is willing to sing a song that hits so many emotional buttons for her, and she's unafraid to express those emotions onstage.

Another thing that struck a good chord in me was the reaction of the audience. I didn't really see anyone unaffected by Laura's singing; everyone was into every song, and by the time "Gloria" came around, everyone was standing, clapping, and dancing. And I saw first-hand that night how Laura, as she said in her interview, "feeds" off the reactions of the audience, and that energy bounces back to the audience... it all combines into a great experience for everybody! Finally, it was great to not only hear one song from Laura's upcoming CD, but two: her double encore ended with "I Can See Again." Everyone I talked to after the concert all agreed this song is destined to be a major hit. This song seems to me to be along the lines of Gloria Estefan's "Coming Out Of The Dark", like "I Can See Again" is an emotional stepping back "into the light" for Laura.

This concert was a wonderful opportunity for me to see and hear Laura live again, and to meet with her after the show, and to get a hug and an autograph. It was also a pleasure for me to meet and talk with some fans before, during, and after the show. Thanks to everyone from the casino, Laura's management team, her band, and from for making this evening great!

Chaim Weitzner
Detroit, MI

Hi everyone who have taken the time out to e-mail me or to say nice things online about my "That 80's Show"... thanks! This was my first and only time seeing Laura Branigan and I can honestly say I am very thankful that I did, as not only did I see my favorite female singer whom I grew up listening to and singing along with my hairbrush to "Solitaire" and "Shattered Glass" to name a few, but who knew at the time, it would be my last... goes to show you to never take life for granted. Gosh, she is certainly missed!! Not only was it the greatest night because of seeing her but also getting the chance to meet her and thank her personally for allowing me the privilege of being the only one to play her 2 new singles on my show... I will always remember when I asked for a picture and she was so shy and innocent when she said, "not with my new glasses!" To which my friend Bill and I said, "Oh my Gawd, are you kidding... you look so beautiful with them." To which she turned around to everyone in the room and said, "he thinks I look beautiful." This just made Bill's day... but it was true... come now, could Laura ever look bad? I think not... this picture will always be precious to me! Anyhow this was not only an awesome show but also gave me a chance to meet some pretty special new friends in Vince and Kathy who took and still do take care of Laura... thanks for that guys!! I hope to meet all of you soon!! Thanks for allowing me to share my memory!!

Codi Jeffreys
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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