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Meyerhoff Symphony Hall (Baltimore, MD): April 8, 2003

Laura is back! And, better then ever. As she entered the stage at Baltimore's Meyerhoff Symphony Hall on April 8, 2003, the small, but excited crowd jumped to their feet and many shouted "Welcome back Laura, we missed you!" ...And many "I love you!" were shouted from all around. She started the set with the upbeat "Spanish Eddie" and her voice never sounded any better. The acoustics at the symphony hall were great and her band was excellent. She continued the dance pace with "The Lucky One" and I've never heard her hit such high octaves live before. You could tell that the audience was having a great time because a good portion of them jumped to their feet and were dancing away. Emotions came over Laura as well as myself and a few others when she sang the next two songs, "Ti Amo" and the beautiful "I Know You By Heart." However, she held herself together and didn't skip a beat. You could still feel Laura's pain over the death of her husband a few years back! It touched me so much to see how much love she had, and still has, for her late husband. Other main staples, such as "Solitaire," "How Am I Supposed To Live Without You," and "Self Control" followed. From this performance, you would've thought that Laura had been touring again for quite some time, but this was her first show since last summer. She also performed "Don't Cry For Me Argentina" which really showed the range and power of Laura's amazing voice. Of course, her final song before the encore was "Gloria" as she asked the entire audience to get out of their seats and dance along. Everyone did! You could really see that Laura had such a great time on stage and the Meyerhoff was such a great intimate setting. We all rushed to the stage during "Gloria" as she took the time to shake everyone's hand and bouquets of flowers and a stuffed bear were given to her. For the encore, Laura chose "The Power of Love," which surprised many that expected "Forever Young." She sounded better live in this performance then she did on the album version. The passion and raw emotions coming from her voice moved us all. Unfortunately, the concert only lasted an hour, but she did give us one last special song. The concert was a benefit for Leukemia and Cancer, and a 13 year old boy was brought to the stage. Laura sang "God Bless America" acapella. Incredible! My review may sound a bit biased, but I have seen Laura live a few times, and I must say that this is the best I've ever heard her do. Keep it up Laura! We still love and miss you!

Ladera Ranch, CA

This is my review of the concert. As Stephan said earlier "LAURA IS BACK". This was my first time ever of getting to see LAURA and I just thought LAURA her band and the show was just totally awesome ! This is
something I never will forget. Laura sung all of her hits and I just loved it. She opened the show with " Spanish Eddie" and ended it with a great version of "Power Of Love " and "God Bless America". I was not disappointed at all. Laura just did awesome with everything from "Gloria" "Solitaire" "Self Control" and even "I Know You By Heart". That was my first time getting to hear that one, and I loved it as well. Anyway, I just don't know what else to say except Laura just really put on a GREAT & AWESOME concert. Again I never will forget it. I think Vince & Kathy & Stephan pretty much summed up everything else.

Mark Booker
Atlanta, GA

I just don't know what I can add to the earlier reviews about this great evening. I totally agree with all of you. This was a perfect show and an unforgettable night. For those of you who were not able to see the show you really missed an amazing performance!

I came from Germany only to see Laura again and all I can say is that I loved every second of the show. Laura sang all my favorite songs including "I Know You By Heart". I was very happy that she did "The Power Of Love" as it was the first time I heard her sing this song on stage. Laura's shows are very special. I was fortunate to see her the third time. But this time she made me laugh and she made me cry....she was able to arouse all emotions during her performance.

I was hoping for a big hug of hers after the show and I got more then that. Thank you Laura for that unforgettable evening!

Yvette Stettler
Berlin, Germany

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