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Mohegan Sun Casino (Uncasville, CT): January 7 - 11, 2004

This was the first time I have seen Laura Branigan in concert. I have been a fan of hers since the first time I heard her sing "Gloria" 22 years ago (has it REALLY been that long ago, my God I sound ancient, LOL). It was a wonderful performance and it sent me back in time to a bygone era. All I can say is it was a fabulous show. I fell in love with her and her music all over again. I will go to more as time permits and hope she comes back to Mohegan Sun again in the Cabaret.

Taftville, CT
reviewing Saturday January 10 performance

It was a long waited return for Laura coming back to the Mohegan Sun, but she definitely made it worth the wait. BOTH shows were absolutely GREAT, but Saturday's crowd seem to be more into it. Laura and her band were right on the two nights my wife and I were there, and from what others told me that the Wednesday & Thursday performanes also rocked. Connecticut has a history with the song "Gloria" since in 1985 my daugther's surprise sweet 16th birthday party was cancelled due to "Hurricane Gloria" hitting our state and knocking out electricity for a few days. But there was NO lack of electrcity or "Self Control" with Laura's performanes in the Cabaret Theatre. I feel I was the "Lucky One" to be there. Hurry back!

Anthony J Klimas, Jr.
reviewing Friday January 9 and Saturday January 10 performances

I went to the Mohegan Sun Cabaret to see Laura on January 8th...the concert was GREAT! Laura looks great and her voice is stronger, even better than it was a decade ago! There was a level of intimacy with us, the audience, that made the entire show just a bit more wonderful. The only depressing note was that it seemed to get over way too quickly!

Margaret Erickson
New London, CT
reviewing Thursday January 8 performance

Hi fellow crazed Laura Branigan fans!!!!

I'm still wired up from the show. The whole experience was great from beginning to end. Arrived about 3 hours before the show!!!! My Mom and I made our way to the Cabaret around 1:30. Had the pleasure to meet up with Kerry, who you may all know as the fan who takes lots of GREAT pictures of Laura for the Branigan Beat. It was so great to be able to hang out with someone who is as nutty as I am about Laura. Soon after Darren arrived with his family entourage... a group of very friendly folks!!!! Hi to all!!! Darren even brought his 100 year old grandmom, who really was rockin' to Laura during the show!!!! Laura made a few brief appearances before the show. Both times she came right over to the fans to say "HI"!!!! She was so cute in her sweatshirt and flannel pj pants!!!!

Kathy and Vince were on the scene with us too. Talk about making us feel special. We were escorted in by Kathy and Vince. Tim was with us too!!!! We sat right up front!!!! WOW!!! Laura was introduced and the packed crowd went nuts. "Heart" is one of my all time favorites and set things off for us all!!! She sang each song to perfection while waving to fans and shaking hands with lucky fans!!!!! I even got my hair fluffed by Laura...hey, it's never looked better!!! LOL!!!!

While singing "Don't Cry For Me Argentina", Laura lost track of the lyrics. So what did she do??????????? She came right over to our Kathy who gave her the line she was looking for to continue the song!!! Yeah!!! Kathy!!!!! She had us laughing between songs and crying during others. The tone turned to serious as the opening bars of "I Know You By Heart" began. Laura walked up to the mike and was obviously preparing herself to sing this very emotional song... she reached out to adjust the microphone which just didn't want to cooperate. Laura started to laugh while "struggling" with the microphone. She managed to reset the tone and deliver an incredibly moving performance of this song. AMAZING!!!!!!!

After the show I finally got to meet the other contest winner Clare and her cute daughter Kate. We were all escorted backstage to meet Laura. Laura came out of her dressing room wearing an NYPD sweatshirt and jeans. She met with Clare and Kate and signed a few cds. Clare was a very sweet lady.... another longtime fan. I was so happy that my Mom finally got to meet Laura. They really hit it off which made MY day!!!! Thanks Laura for making my Mom feel so special. I found myself a nervous chatterbox this time. Boy, what a difference from last time!!!! Laura signed a few pictures, including one that I took 20 years ago!!!!!!!! Before leaving backstage Tim and I each wrote a personal tribute to Laura on the wall. NO, we didn't vandalize the place!!! The WHOLE wall was signed by celebrities who have played the Cabaret in the past.

We all headed out to the outer lounge where Laura came to greet the fans. Let me say that she mentioned LBOnline to EVERY fan she spoke with. She has a wonderful rapport with Vince and Kathy!!!!! She sat for about another hour, talking with fans and signing autographs. She was clearly tired after a great string of performances but was relaxed and happy to be with us all!!!! It was a day that we will never forget.

I met so many fans and saw many familiar faces. Hi to Darren, Kerry, Elaine, Clare, Kate, Glen and his sweet Mom.... Glen, I'll always think of you when I hear "Sanctuary"... Laura sang a little acapella version for Glen who has a special feeling for this song. OK!!!!!! I've gone on way too long here and you are all sick of me for sure. THANK YOU KATHY ,VINCE AND LAURA. WE LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!

Melanie and Rita Villaras
Lowell, MA
reviewing Sunday January 11 performance

I have Been A fan of Laura Branigan since the Begining i have been to Well over 20 performences i have to say that the show Tonight was the Best i have Ever Seen of Laura Branigan Laura was relaxed comfortable and her Voice has Never Ever sounded Better my Favorite Song was "I Know you By Heart" Laura Dedicates this song to All of those who have lost Someone they Love; for Laura the loss is that of Her Husband Larry Laura put so much Emotion to this Song it Brought Tears to my Eyes and at the End of the Song it Was Laura Branigan who also Showed her Emotion> i was fortunate Enough to meet laura After the show she is as Kind and Loving onstage as she is Backstage! Laura is Truely a Talented Lady with a Huge Heart A Person whom i Believe in my heart Really Truely Loves Her fans and Laura Branigan your Fans love you and when the Time is Right And Not A moment Sooner her Cd will be released if YOU reading this Revue Get the Chance to See laura Perform Live Please Go its Something that will stay in your Mind and Your Heart Forever I love You Laura Branigan you helped me through many Good times And Recently some sad times Please Take care of that Voice your A living Angel Love Tom

"TiggerKitty" aka Tom
North Oxford, MA
reviewing Saturday January 10 performance

Some people have expensive hobbies like collecting cars and sailing, well, mine is no cheaper - Ms Branigan is one costly hobby!

I flew into New York City from London on Wednesday 7 January and was planning all through my flight on how I could possibly make it to the Wednesday night show. Unfortunately, I didn't make it, but who am I to complain at attending four totally fantastic performances?

Each show followed a similar set list and it was nice to see that Laura included three songs that she doesn't usually include on her list - 'Heart', 'I Found Someone' and 'Cry Wolf'. Every show had a personal touch to it and it meant a lot to me that on Friday night Laura told the audience that I had come all the way from England to see her, to which I got a round of applause, embarrasing but cool!

All performances were top quality, but I have to say that Saturday night's show was the best I have ever heard her, and if she continues to do shows of this calibre, she fully deserves to be back amongst the big players in the music industry.

Meeting Laura before and after the shows, getting to go back stage a couple of times, and getting to hang out for a couple of hours with her, Kathy and Vince after Saturday's performance was surreal - I am still trying to come to terms with the fact that it did happen!

Thanks to Kathy and Vince for everything you have done - you made this trip incredibly memorable!

Thanks to Laura's team - you are great and I hope to see you all at future shows (maybe in Britain??)

To the other fans who attended the shows... good meeting you and hope to see you again soon!

To Laura.... thanks for all the wonderful shows - we hope to see you back on top soon! And.... enjoy the cookbook!

One thing I have to say to all fans out there - Laura is back! I urge you guys to show your continued support by writing to Laura, speaking about her music to people, and where possible, attend her concerts - don't let her down because she certainly won't let her fans down!

Tim Hill
Amersham, Buckinghamshire, England
reviewing Thursday January 8 through Sunday January 11 performances

I have been a fan of Laura's since 1982 and have seen her in concert about 10 times. This show was one of the best!!! She sounded and looked great. It was nice to hear some songs which she hasn't played in awhile like "Heart", and "Cry Wolf", which was definitely a highlight. She displayed a lot of energy and the crowd really responded. My friends and I really had a great time. I can't wait until she performs again!!!

Lewis B.
Flushing, NY
reviewing Saturday January 10 performance

WOW !!!!! The Sat. night show was wonderful, emotional and the most pleasureable experience in every way. Laura looked great and her voice is a thousand times more exciting in person. Thank you for everything Laura your the greatest hope to see you again soon.

Marci & Tony Coonan
Newburgh, NY
reviewing Saturday January 10 performance

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