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"Can't Stop Thinking About You"

Recently, I was contacted by Shawn Winstian of Pennsylvania regarding a song he had written as a tribute to Laura, "Can’t Stop Thinking About You."  Shawn humbly stated that he had not contacted me for publicity or anything like that, and he asked if I could pass along the song to the Branigan family.  I told him I would be happy to do that.  When the CD arrived, I took a listen to it while thinking of Laura and was very touched by it.  The more I listened to it, the more I realized what a wonderfully written and performed tribute to Laura it is, and I thought to myself it would be great if we could share the song with Laura’s fans.  So, I phoned Shawn, first of all to tell him that I thought the song was magnificent, and then I asked him if it would be alright if we placed his song on for all to enjoy.

He very humbly said in reply that it would be a great honor to have his song available on Laura’s website for her fans to listen to as they remember her.
- Kathy

Shawn’s comments on "Can’t Stop Thinking About You"...

Like many I was deeply saddened when I heard the news of Laura's untimely passing last summer.  Even though we never met I felt like I had lost a dear friend.  So many incredible memories I can attach to various songs of Laura's. They're frozen moments in time.

I wanted to do something that would forever remind me of that connection.  So as a songwriter I decided to put pen to paper and try to in someway capture in words how I was feeling.   My intention was to try and reach Laura "cosmically" through a song to thank her and pay tribute to her.  I'm very fortunate to have an amazing singer/songwriter/composer to collaborate with on my songs, Shane Condo of Condo Music Australia.  I gave Shane my lyric sheet and told him some ideas I had and who I wrote the song about, and as always he worked his wonders.  We both agreed immediately we captured something special with this one.  I hope everyone will be able to take something from it and make it their own.

Unfortunately these days success in the music business is based on being notorious or having some sort of gimmick. Laura Branigan's success however was based on 100% true talent.  What she embodied, most will never attain. When you're the real deal you're exactly that.   The control, power, and emotion Laura could express through her vocal abilities was nothing short of breath taking.  She didn't just sing the songs but she lived them and within seconds of hearing her voice you were immediately swept away.

Thank you Laura for sharing your gift with us all!  Though you've gone from this world you will forever remain in our hearts.

"Her voice my heart will keep"

With much love and respect,
Shawn Winstian

Shane’s comments on "Can’t Stop Thinking About You"...

"It was an honor to be able to compose a song in memory of Laura Branigan.  Her talent is timeless and will live on forever."
- Shane Condo

We invite everyone to enjoy listening to this very special song, "Can’t Stop Thinking About You", lyrics written by Shawn Winstian, and music composed by Shane Condo (Condo Music, Australia), with Shane also on vocals. Produced by Shawn Winstian and Shane Condo.

Click on the link below to hear the this song (you will need to have either RealPlayer or Windows Media Player installed on your system in order to hear these audio streams).  Click here to read the lyrics.

NOTE: ©2005 Shawn Winstian. This audio stream is used here with permission from the copyright holder for entertainment purposes only.  Any unauthorized duplication or recording of this audio stream is strictly prohibited by US and international laws.

"Can't Stop Thinking About You"
  "Can't Stop Thinking About You"
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Gloria 2004 Remix!

"Self Control" was only one of two great hits to be remixed by some of Europe's finest remix artists. The other is Laura's mega hit "Gloria", and just like Self Control 2004, the tracks feature re-recorded vocals by Laura. The CD compilation of the remixes was released in April 2004.

Click on the link below to hear the sample of the Gloria 2004 remix!

"Gloria 2004: Prodygee & Davis Radio Mix "
  "Gloria 2004: Prodygee & Davis Radio Mix "
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Self Control Remix!

In 2003 , Laura went back into the studio to re-record the vocals for one of her biggest hits, "Self Control". Laura teamed up with some of Europe's biggest remix artists to create a group of fresh club mixes of "Self Control", just in time for this hit's 20th anniversary! These mixes have already been shipped to clubs in Europe and the US, and have been receiving rave reviews!

Click on the link below to hear the sample of the Force Four remix!

"Self Control 2004: Force Four Remix"
  "Self Control 2004: Force Four Remix"
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Laura's Last Recordings

If you attended any concerts during 2002-2004, you may have heard Laura's stunning live rendition of "I Know You By Heart", and Laura fans have probably already heard her remake of the Abba classic, "The Winner Takes It All". But wait! These were only two of the songs slated to be on the album Laura was working on at the time of her death.

Below are samples of five tracks she had completed, for fans to enjoy! Click on the links below to hear samples of these great songs!

"I Can See Again"   "I Can See Again"
"If That's What It Takes"   "If That's What It Takes"
"I Know You By Heart"   "I Know You By Heart"
"The Challenge"   "The Challenge"
"The Winner Takes It All"   "The Winner Takes It All"
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Also, check out the "I Know You By Heart" Memorial Video by clicking here

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