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Song List
  1. I'm Always Here - Jim Jamison
  2. I Believe - David Hasselhoff/Laura Branigan
  3. All I Wanna Be (Is With You) - Tag
  4. Harder - Gregory Alan-Williams
  5. Lifeline - David Hasselhoff
  6. Summer Of Love - The Beach Boys
  7. I'm Gonna Miss You - Jeremy Jackson
  8. Days Of Our Love - David Hasselhoff
  9. Color Me Blue - Tina Moore
  10. Ooh La La - David Hallyday
  11. Let A Few Go By - Alexandra Paul
  12. Current Of Love - David Hasselhoff
Production Data Production Credits
Original Release: September 1993
Label: Scotti Brothers
Production credits belong to the original producers of the songs on this soundtrack.

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