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Mugsy's Girls

Movie Synopsis
A college farce starring Ruth Gordon in her final film performance and Laura Branigan in her film debut. Gordon is a fun-loving sorority house mother who watches over the wild women of the Delta Pi Sorority. Hopelessly strapped for cash, and under the gun of an Iranian loan-shark, they arrange an all-day whipped-cream wrestling match and party to try to raise money. But the real allure of big bucks comes when the ladies agree to travel to Las Vegas with a startup promoter and his geeky side-kick to participate in a "winner takes all" $100,000 mud-wrestling competition.

Production Data Production Credits
Original Release: 1985
(Also listed under the title "Delta Pi")
Label: Spectrum Cinema
Distribution: Vestron Video
Running Time: 87 minutes
Genre: Comedy
MPAA Rating: R
Kevin Brodie: Director
Kevin Brodie: Writer
Kevin Brodie: Producer
Stanley E. Foster: Associate Producer
Leonard Shapiro: Producer
Laurence Abrams: Boom Operator
William Hooper: Sound Editor
Ruth Gordon: Mugsy
Laura Branigan: Monica
Joanna Dierck: Magic
Eddie Deezen: Lane
James Marcel: Shawn
Rebecca Forstadt: Karen
Candice Pandolfo: Sharon
Kristi Somers: Laurie
Steve Brodie: Jack Enoff
Rex Meredith: Ashley Duke III
Ken Norton: Branscombe
Ben Kronen: Dick Bushe
Jimmy Lennon Sr.: Ring Announcer
Mark Andrews: Sonny
Marvin Katzoff: Egghead Herman
S. Marc Jordan: Benzadhi
Fred Spelling: Mohican
Danny Ford: Sidekick
Ashley Hester: Prim & Proper Girl #1
Cindy Bertrand: Prim & Proper Girl #2
E. Hampton Beagle: Cabbie
Nicholas Georgiade: Cupcake
Robert Phillips: Pud
Tom Wright: Party Heckler
Stuart Grant: Referee
Steve Smith: Party Rowdy
William Chandler: Crap Table Attendant
William E. Toller Jr.: Valet
Al Cutillo: Truck Driver
Kevin Brodie: Party Stoner
Gregg Patnales: Animal
Alan Fine: Jock
Annie Ample: Lungs
Dee Booher: Terrible Tawny
Darcy Nychols: Madame Antoinette
Pillow: Fang
Katlyn Miller: Mauling Mama
Cherie Standerfer: Bronco Billy

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