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Laura Branigan In Concert

VHS Cover

Laserdisc Cover
Song List
    1. The Lucky One (live with music video excerpts)
    2. All Night With Me
    3. Satisfaction
    4. Ti Amo
    5. I Wish We Could Be Alone
    6. Solitaire (live with music video excerpts)
    7. How Am I Supposed To Live Without You
    8. Self Control (music video)
    9. Gloria
    10. Don't Show Your Love (Encore)
Production Data Production Credits
Original Release: 1984
Label: RCA/Columbia Pictures Home Video
Running Time: Appx 60 min.
Videotaping Location: Caesars Tahoe; Lake
Tahoe, NV
Mickey Shapiro: Executive Producer
Marty Callner: Producer/Director
Molly Miles: Co-Producer
Curry Grant: Lighting Director
Steve Purcell: Editor
Larry Sherwood: Assistant Editor
Harri Mark: Production Associate
Biff Dawes: Audio Engineer
Westwood One: Audio Facilities
Terry Ayres: Vocals (Background)
Brian Becvar: Keyboards / Vocals (Background)
Jim Behringer: Guitar / Vocals (Background)
Laura Branigan: Lead Vocals
Carlos Casarez: Guitar / Vocals (Background)
Richie Fontana -Drums
Danny Hamilton - Vocals (Background)
Virgil Weber: Keyboards / Vocals (Background) / Musical Director
Steve York - Bass Guitar

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