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The Best of Branigan

Song List
    1. Solitaire
    2. Show Me Heaven
    3. Ti Amo
    4. Spanish Eddie
    5. The Power Of Love
    6. Is There Anybody Here But Me?
    7. Dim All The Lights
    8. How Am I Supposed To Live Without You
    9. Over You
    10. The Lucky One
    11. How Can I Help You To Say Goodbye
    12. Self Control
    13. Gloria
Production Data Production Credits
Original Release Date: June 6, 1995
Length: 59:28 minutes
Genre: Pop
Billy Branigan : Producer
Laura Branigan: Producer
Robbie Buchanan: Producer
Bob Cadway: Track Engineer
Brinsley Evans: Mixing, Producer
Harold Faltermeyer: Producer
Woody Firm: Compilation Producer
Dan Hetzel: Track Engineer
Rick Kerr: Mixing
David Kershenbaum: Producer
Greg Mathieson: Producer
Phil Ramone: Producer
Bob Rosa: Mixing
David Shackney: Engineer, Mixing Assistant
Rich Tancredi: Arranger, Drum Programming, Producer
Jack White: Producer
Brinsley Evans: Vocals
Rich Tancredi: Keyboards
Sylvia Tosun: Vocals (Background)
Toni Sea Wright: Vocals

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