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Over My Heart

Song List
    1. How Can I Help You To Say Goodbye
    2. The Sweet Hello, The Sad Goodbye
    3. Over My Heart
    4. It's Been Hard Enough Getting Over You
    5. Is There Anybody Here But Me
    6. Love Your Girl
    7. Didn't We Almost Win It All
    8. Only Time Will Tell
    9. I'll Wait For You
    10. Mujer Contra Mujer
    11. Over You
    12. Mangwane (The Wedding Song)
Production Data Production Credits
Original Release: 1993
Length: 55:57 minutes
Genre: Pop

Re-Issue Release: January 8, 2008
Label: Wounded Bird Records
Phil Ramone: Producer
Laura Branigan: Producer
Clay Ostwald: Producer, Engineer
Jorge Casas: Producer, Programming
Billy Branigan: Producer
Stevie Godson: Executive Producer
Lolly Grodner: Engineer, Mixer
Clay Ostwald: Engineer, Programming
Charles Dye: Engineer
Danny Grigsby: Engineer, Mixer
Richard Mitchell: Engineer
Jay Healy: Mixer
Roy McDonald: Sampling & Computers
Greg Calbi: Mastering
Laura Branigan: Arranger, Vocals, Vocals (Background)
Jill Dell'Abate: Vocals (Background)
Rory Dodd: Vocals (Background)
Karen Kamon: Vocals (Background)
Charles Mangold: Vocals (Background)
Billy Branigan: Arranger, Guitar, Vocals (Background)
Peter Schwartz: Arranger, Keyboards
Eric Rehl: Arranger, Keyboards
Kevin Wells: Drums
Bashiri Johnson: Percussion
Charlton Pettus: Guitar
Dave Spinoza: Guitar
Dave "Squiggy" Biglan: Guitar, Keyboards
John McCurry: Electric Guitar
Lenny Pickett: Tenor Sax
Jeff Jacobs: Arranger, Keyboards
Brian BecVar: Keyboards
Tony Beard: Drums
Jacob Bantsejang: Vocals (Additional)
Mmabana Marimba Band: Vocals (Additional)

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