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Song List
    1. Over Love
    2. Shadow Of Love
    3. Angels Calling
    4. Meaning Of The Word
    5. The Power Of Love
    6. Shattered Glass
    7. Whatever I Do
    8. Spirit Of Love
    9. Name Game
    10. Touch
    11. Cry Wolf
    12. Statue In The Rain *
      *Bonus Track only on CD
Production Data
Original Release Date: July 7, 1987
Length: 53:51 minutes
Genre: Pop

Re-Issue Release: January 8, 2008
Label: Wounded Bird Records
Production Credits
Matt Aitken: Producer, Programming
Albert Cabrera: Mixing, Producer
John Guess: Engineer
Peter Hammond: Mixing
David J. Holman: Engineer, Mixing, Programming
Cliff Jones: Engineer
David Kershenbaum: Producer
Mark Leggett: Arranger
Ray Leonard: Engineer
Jeff Lorber: Arranger, Drum Programming, Programming
Bob Ludwig: Mastering
Bob Marlette: Arranger, Drum Programming, Programming
Mark McGuire: Engineer
Tony Moran: Mixing, Producer
Rick Palombi: Arranger, Programming
Kim Scharnberg: Strings
Mike Stock: Producer, Programming
Andrew Thomas: Programming
Waterman: Producer
Matt Aitken: Guitar, Keyboards
Laura Branigan: Vocals, Vocals (Background)
Donna Delory: Vocals (Background)
Coral Gordon: Vocals (Background)
Dennis Henson: Vocals (Background)
Michael Landau: Vocals
Mark Leggett: Guitar, Keyboards
Dee Lewis: Vocals (Background)
A. Linn: Drums
Jeff Lorber: Keyboards
Bob Marlette: Drums, Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
John Nelson: Guitar
John O'Hara: Keyboards
Rick Palombi: Drums, Keyboards, Vocals (Background)
Sue Shifrin: Vocals (Background)
Mike Stock: Keyboards, Vocals (Background)
Carlos Vega: Drums
Mona Young: Vocals (Background)

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