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Song List
    1. All Night With Me
    2. Gloria
    3. Lovin' You Baby
    4. Living A Lie
    5. If You Loved Me
    6. Please Stay, Go Away
    7. I Wish We Could Be Alone
    8. Down Like A Rock
    9. Maybe I Love You
Production Data
Original Release Date: March 1982
Length: 34:24 minutes
Label: WEA/Atlantic
Genre: Pop

Re-Issue Release: July 7, 2014
Label: Gold Legion
Re-Issue Format: Expanded Edition
(Remastering, Bonus Tracks, Expanded CD booklet)
Production Credits
Juergen Koppers: Engineer/Mixer
John Kovarek: Engineer
Greg Mathieson: Arranger/Producer
Jack White: Producer
Michael Boddicker: Synthesizer
Laura Branigan: Vocals
Joe Chemay: Vocals (Background)
Bob Glaub: Bass
Jim Haas: Vocals (Background)
Jon Joyce: Vocals (Background)
Michael Landau: Guitar
Steve Lukather: Guitar
Greg Mathieson: Keyboards, Synthesizer
Lisa Sarna: Vocals (Background)
Leland Sklar: Bass
Stephanie Spruill: Vocals (Background)
Julia Tillman Waters: Vocals (Background)
Carlos Vega: Drums
Trevor Veitch: Guitar
Maxine Willard Waters: Vocals (Background)

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* Projected Re-Issue Street Date: April 18, 2014*

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