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 Post subject: Images & URLs
PostPosted: Wed Dec 05, 2007 12:53 am 
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** Note: January 23, 2009: This post will be updated soon to reflect the latest version of Advanced BBCode Editor **

In this post, let's discuss the addition of images and URLs into your posts. With the Advanced BBCode Box (and with most BBCode translators), this is pretty easily accomplished.

However, due to the way that Advanced BBCode Box requests filename information from you, we need to first make sure that your browser is set to allow pop-ups from Don't worry -- I'm going to show you the easy way to do this just for, so your pop-up settings would stay intact for other sites. (Pop-up settings for extra software not tied to browser software, such as pop-up blockers, anti-virus, and/or firewall programs, etc., is outside the scope of this post and won't be discussed here.)

Setting The Browsers
The main browsers that appear to be affected by this issue are Microsoft's Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, and Mozilla FireFox. I have also tested this issue with Apple's Safari browser, but it doesn't seem to be an issue (if any Mac users experience the following, please let me know and I'll add the procedure to this post). In the browsers, there is an option to specify which websites you'd like to "allow" viewing of pop-up windows.

Internet Explorer
In Internet Explorer, click on Tools > Internet Options, then click on the Security tab, and click "Trusted Sites". Click the "Sites" button, and in this dialog, type in "" and click "Add". Make sure that "Require server verification..." check-box is UNCHECKED (or you won't be able to add the site to this list), and click the "Close" button. Next, click the Privacy tab, and check to see if you have the "Turn on Pop-up Blocker" box checked. If not, cancel out of the Internet Options window, since your browser will allow all pop-ups. If the box IS checked, then click the Settings button under "Pop-up Blocker", and add "" (without the quotes) to the list and click "Add", then click "OK" at the bottom of the Internet Options dialog.

[img center][/img] [img center][/img]

FireFox and Netscape Navigator
In Firefox, click on Tools > Options, then click the Content buton. Check to see if the "Block pop-up windows" box is checked, if not, cancel out of Options, since your browser will already accept pop-ups. If it is checked, click the "Exceptions..." button, and add "" (without the quotes) to the list and click "Allow", then click "OK" at the bottom of the Options dialog. (Since Netscape uses the same Mozilla Gecko technology as Firefox, the Options dialogs are the same in content, though the colors and pictures may be a bit different in Netscape than are pictured for Firefox below.)

[img center][/img]

Now that we've got that issue dealt with, let's post a picture or a website!

In the post window, you'll see a number of buttons along the top of the text area. This picture shows where the image button is:

[img center][/img]

Clicking this button will cause a pop-up dialog to appear (which is exactly why you needed the browser-setting procedure earlier!). Type in the URL address where the picture is located. For this step, you'll need to know where your picture is hosted. Once your URL is typed into the dialog box, click "OK" and the post window's text area will change to reflect what you've added, with the appropriate BBCode tags surrounding the URL.

Let's say you want to point people to a particular website, for example, some news item on CNN. This picture shows you where the URL button is:

[img center][/img]

Clicking this button will cause two pop-up dialogs to appear. The first asks you for the URL itself (ex. http:// . Type in the URL of the website, or you can paste this information if you've copied the address from the address bar in your browser (as you know, some URLs can contain long strings of characters). When you click OK, another dialog will pop up, asking for the "Page name" (ex. CNN's home page). Of course, in this dialog, you can type any description you need (ex. check out this news article by clicking here). When you click OK, the post window's text area will change to reflect what you've added.

Preview, Preview, Preview!
Once you've typed everything in and are all done, preview! Images should show in your preview post, and URLs should be clickable. If not, scroll down and check your tags.

A Word About Image Hosting
With the proliferation of digital cameras, cameraphones, and instant everything :) , comes the practical requirement that if you want other people to see your pictures, you need to upload them to an image hosting site. Many of these sites exist, among them PhotoBucket and Flickr, to name but two of the hundreds out there. Though some of these sites require you to sign up for a free account, others don't. Some offer more storage space than others. Regardless of which one suits you, the essential concepts are the same in that in order for you to insert pictures into your posts, you'll first need to upload the pictures to your chosen image hosting site, then use the URL link that site provides you in the dialog box I mentioned above. If you preview and get the dreaded "red X" (Safari users may see a blue boxed question mark), one of several things may be wrong: 1) you mistyped the URL into the image dialog box, 2) you didn't upload your picture properly or at all, or 3) there's a connection problem somewhere between your image host and the Forum. The first obvious thing to check would be #1, making sure you typed the URL correctly, then re-preview and keep troubleshooting if you still get the red X.

Next post, some extra tidbits and thoughts, especially for you AOL users.



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