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Movie Synopsis
Laura Branigan stars in this Australian-made film as Kate Lawrence, a rock singer at the top of her career who wants to suddenly prove herself a dramatic actress. The only problem is the only play that's interested in her as a lead is being produced in Australia. So she travels halfway across the world and finds herself face to face with renowned critic Robert Landau (Michael Aitkens), who can't stand the thought of an American playing a part that an Australian could play. But when Kate confronts Robert, the animosity soon turns to admiration and then to love. But when the play closes and Kate returns to the US, will love follow?
Production Data Production Credits
Original Release: 1988
Production: Burrowes Film Group
Distributors: Hoyts Distribution (Australia);
RCA/Columbia-Hoyts Home Video (Australia, VHS)
Running Time: Approx. 94 minutes
Genre: Drama
Australia Film Rating: PG
John Kearney: Executive Producer
Geoff Burrowes: Producer
Peter Boyle: Associate Producer
John Powditch: Associate Producer
Jonathan Hardy: Director
Jonathan Hardy: Writer
Frank Howson: Writer
John D. Lamond: Story
Original Music score: Bruce Rowland
Music Consultant: Laura Branigan
Keith Wagstaff: Cinematography
Ray Daley: Film Editor
Leslie Binns: Production Design
Jane Hyland: Costume Design
Cast (in credits order)
Laura Branigan: Kate Lawrence
Michael Aitkens: Robert Landau
Noel Ferrier: Mortimer Wynde
Rowena Wallace: Evelyn Hough
Philip Holder: Bill French
Len Kaserman: Milton
Kym Gyngell: Paarvo
David Letch: Steven Williams
Mary Ward: Geraldine Woollencraft
Henry Cuthbertson: Myles Frewe
John Tarrant: Bruce Tendon
James Condon: Frank Turner
Penelope Stewart: Mary Foote
Ian Mune: Mangin
Nancy Kiel: Evie
John Frawley: Metheny
Robin Dene: Bollinger
Randall Berger: Roger Weiss
Les Terrill: Lawyer in Manhattan bar
Nandine Wells: Secretary in Manhattan bar

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